Letter to Catherine Bearder MEP

Monday 6 January, 2020

Letter sent to Catherine Bearder in response to her tweet

Sent: 04 January 2020 11:31
To: Catherine Bearder
Cc: Guy Verhofstadt
Subject: Brexit

Dear Catherine,

You are my MEP from our UK home in Bicester.

With this email I am formally asking you, as your constituent, to vote down Johnson's agreement, on the basis that the 2016 UK EU Referendum was corrupt and illegal, with the leave vote procured by multiple crimes , and further that no individual or entity has the legal power to remove or tamper with the Citizens Rights of over 500 million EU Citizens.  It is also the case that all available information points to the fact that a majority of UK Citizens now wish to remain in the EU, so that leaving the EU right now would be against the wishes of a majority in the UK , and therefore a negation of democracy as it is normally understood. This key point seems to have become lost in the "politics" of the situation.

I just saw your recent tweet and here is my response just sent:


I am copying this email to Guy Verhofstadt, so that he is also aware.

I would be very grateful if you could personally acknowledge receipt of this email as soon as possible.

Best regards