The European Citizenship Movement

EU Citizenship, once granted, is inalienable.

In April 2020 we brought a case in the EU Court of Justice since advice from a large number of lawyers had suggested that the blanket removal of EU Citizenship from as many as 67 million UK EU Citizens against their will would be unlawful under EU law. Rather than consider the case, the EU Court eventually denied us a Hearing in June 2023. Our conclusion was that the Court was essentially, in this case, influenced by politics rather than law, so in October 2023 we applied to the European Court of Human Rights. Our case is now moving slowly through that Court.

We believe that has now evolved into a Movement and it is part of our plan to give every Member a voice. If you previously signed up to our original campaign and are happy to become an ECM Member you need take no action. Membership will be both permanent and free, the idea being to give a focus and a voice for all those of like mind and to become a truly pan-European Movement. Please see our Privacy statement if you wish to close your ECM membership.


This next phase of our challenge to the undemocratic and apparently unlawful removal of our EU Citizenship is being funded by a crowdfunder and we would encourage everyone to read all 374 comments made by supporters so far. They are a clear message that the attempted destruction of our EU Citizenship and Rights has led to great anger.

It is worth remembering that the disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson lied in the 2016 referendum that "British people will still be able to go and work in the EU, to live, to travel, to study, to buy homes and settle down - there will continue to be free trade and access to the EU Single Market".

A clear majority of UK citizens now believe that it was wrong for the UK to leave the EU, and support for the "Vote Leave" Conservative party has now fallen to the lowest ever level on record.

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