About Us

We at EUCitizenship.org.uk are a team of grassroots activists worried about not only the rights of UK citizens in the EU27, or EU27 citizens in the UK, but also the rights of UK citizens living in the UK.

We've all grown up with the benefits of what the EU's Freedom of Movement entails. We do not think the British government have the right to take away our inaliable right to EU citizenship whether they wish to leave the EU or not.

We're new, we're developing a strategy and taking a view on how to move forward. We're watching the legal cases in France, Netherlands and (soon) Spain with interest.

This site began its life as a piece of grass roots democracy. In June 2016 one of us ( Professor Joshua Silver ) posed the apparently simple question:

"In view of the non-binding UK EU Referendum vote, what will happen to our valuable EU Citizenship , and the Rights which flow therefrom?"

Silver had the idea of asking the European Parliament to simply put a sign-up list on their own website for all UK EU Citizens where they could state that they both valued and wished to retain their EU Citizenship and Rights. This was partly because the original UK EU Referendum on EU Membership was silent on this absolutely fundamental question, and of course the franchise of the Referendum had been deliberately and undemocratically restricted by the 2015 Referendum Act so as to exclude around 5 million voting-age UK Citizens exercising their treaty rights and living within the EU. A dialogue with the European Parliament was not able to establish any mechanism for the Parliament to use their own website for all 67 million UK EU Citizens to register, so we then decided to create our own website for that purpose.

The site was created in January 2018 and the number of registrants has now grown organically from zero to well over 150,000 registrants over the past six years.