Arranging meeting with Guy Verhofstadt

Wednesday 9 May, 2018, by admin

We are currently arranging a meeting with Guy Verhofstadt following an initial email exchange:

To: Guy Verhofstadt
Sent: 29 March 2018 14:19
Subject: 66 Million UK EU Citizens and their Rights

Dear Guy,

You just now tweeted that you guarantee that you are fighting for the rights of UK Citizens. I tweeted back to you as follows:

I imagine you have seen this new site, Guy : . Our legal advice is that May and Corbyn have no power to remove our EU Citizenship and Rights - that is up to the EU/EC. So all you have to do is Guarantee us those rights - it really is very simple

Could you confirm that the European Parliament and the European Commission will in fact guarantee the EU Citizenship and Rights of all 66 million UK EU Citizens. This is particularly important in light of what has now just been revealed in the UK Parliament about the way the leave vote was apparently illegally procured by various inter-connected companies, entities, politicians, and individuals.

I would be really grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email,since this is a hugely important matter for many tens of millions of Citizens in the UK and Europe.

Best regards


Sent: 03 May 2018 12:54
Subject: RE: 66 Million UK EU Citizens and their Rights

Dear Joshua,

Thank you for taking the time to write me about this important matter and for sending the link.

The idea is still on the table and we are looking into the possible structures and initiatives. The European Parliament has stated in its resolution of March 14 that many UK citizens have expressed strong opposition to losing their rights and proposed that the EU-27 examine how to mitigate this within the limits of EU primary law.

From the moment this process started, I have been convinced that some sort of special solution needs to be found for individual citizens who want to maintain their ties with the European Union.

It will be an extremely difficult process, but what I will promise is that I will do everything I can for people who feel European.  I fully realise the importance for a lot people and your voice is being heard.

Kind regards,

Guy Verhofstadt