Thoughts on moving forward

Thursday 5 January, 2023, by Joshua Silver

We would now welcome all registrants' thoughts on exactly how to inform everyone in the UK that :

  1. they are arguably still EU Citizens until the CJEU rules to the contrary in case T 252 20 , and then even if the Justices do so rule, we can and therefore will most probably take the case to the European Court of Human Rights and
  2. Following Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022 there is now some evidence,  as of 22 March 2022 and from a former Conservative MP , that as part of his ongoing long term attack on EU democracies , Putin provided money to help the leave campaigns criminally procure the 2016 UK EU  Referendum leave vote.

We now have about 160,000 Registrants at and indeed intriguingly our group is about as large as the UK Conservative party in terms of membership. To give us more of a united voice we could perhaps now organise and form a political party. Since arguably the Tory party has breached the Rule of Law with the UK EU Referendum and its aftermath, one way forward would be to form “The Rule of Law Party” as a UK political party . If you would like to do that please email Joshua Silver at and let us see if there is sufficient enthusiasm among all Registrants for taking such a step.