Request for help from the President of the European Parliament

Tuesday 30 August, 2022, by admin

Our EU case T-252-20 is based on the legal argument that our EU Citizenship is a permanent status which cannot therefore be summarily removed as a matter of law.

However an ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 UK EU has only very recently led to new information that when she notified Article 50 to Donald Tusk on 29 March 2017, Mrs May had by then already been made aware by MI6 that Russian interference and money had rendered the June 2016 Referendum vote not free and fair, so that the vote would need to be rerun.

In essence this means that acting with others, Mr Putin shares responsibility for the chaos of Brexit with other politicians such as the MPs May, Johnson, Gove and Stuart, as well as other British and foreign anti-EU actors who are not UK politicians but who sought to force the UK out of the EU using false arguments, lies, and anti-EU propaganda.

We have now asked for help from the President of the European Parliament, Ms Roberta Metsola, as you will see here:

Ms Roberta Metsola
Parlement européen
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel
26 August 2022
Dear Ms Metsola,

I would like to draw your attention to our campaign to support EU Citizenship, some details of which you will find at our website

The EU Citizenship campaign arose as a response to a very long standing attack on the Rule of Law and Democracy in the UK which was run by a loose collaboration of entities, individuals and politicians, the most prominent being Russia’s Mr Putin, a fact which has only recently clearly emerged from a six year investigation of Russian subversion of democracy which started when the head of the UK's MI6 warned everyone in December 2016.

A careful legal analysis suggests that the whole process by which the UK’s Conservative government withdrew the UK from the EU could well have been fraudulent in that evidence has only very recently emerged that when Mrs May notified Article 50 to Mr Tusk on 30 March 2017 , she had already been made aware  by MI6 that the UK EU Referendum leave vote of 23 June 2016 - on which May clearly stated she  relied for her  notification - had been so compromised by Russian interference and money that, according to MI6, the vote must be considered not free and fair, and should be rerun without Russian interference.

Legal guidance to our campaign suggests that the above information should now be reported to the Court of Justice of the EU in the context of case T 252 20 , since the Advocate General recently suggested in an Opinion that it was the wish of the British people to leave the EU . However,  Professor Collins , when he wrote  his Opinion,  may well not have been aware that before she notified Article 50 to Mr Tusk in 2017, Mrs May had been informed by the relevant security and intelligence authorities in the UK that she must not assume that the 2016 UK EU Referendum leave vote was free and fair,  as a consequence of Russian interference including financial interference. Indeed our information, from a former Conservative MP, is that Mrs May was told to rerun the Referendum but without Russian interference.

Legal guidance to our campaign further suggests that Mr Putin’s attack on the UK democratic process in June 2016 must also be viewed as an attack on the democratic process of the whole EU which now merits full and detailed investigation .

If you would like more details, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards