An untainted referendum (Feb 2022)

Thursday 24 February, 2022, by admin

A letter sent to Ms Metsola and Ms Von der Leyen on 25 February 2022

24 February 2022 

Dear Ms Metsola, Dear Ms Von der Leyen 

Today Mr Putin invaded the Ukraine, thereby undermining European Unity, and putting world peace in peril. 

As you will both be aware , on 23rd June 2016 there was a non-binding Referendum vote about EU membership in the UK. Analysis shows that the franchise of the electorate had been deliberately rigged so as to significantly increase the probability of a vote to leave the EU, by excluding about five million UK EU Citizens living abroad. An ongoing investigation now suggests that Mr Putin or his associates also gave money to help criminally procure an EU leave vote, and in that connection I attach a letter dated 24th July 2020 to Dr Julian Lewis MP, Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Parliament , and a reply from the Committee dated 7th October 2020. 

You may also be aware that there is a group of 156,948 signatories to the website who have stated their intention to retain their EU Citizenship and associated Rights , and that there is now a case in the European Court of Justice, Number T 252 20 , which asks the Court to simply confirm that the EU Citizenship of UK Citizens is a permanent status. 

Given Mr Putin’s actions today and his apparent earlier subversion of the non-binding 2016 UK EU Referendum, we would now like to ask you to organise a genuine UK EU Referendum of UK Citizens which is not tainted by Mr Putin’s influence. 

If you need any help to do this, please do just ask. 

Best regards 

Joshua Silver